Brightening Every Day
With Technology


Brightening Every Day
With Technology


Brightening Every Day
With Technology

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Price App New Launches

Price App new launched with enhanced features to improve…

Networld Wins at The Spark Awards 2016

Networld won The Spark Awards 2016 hosted by Marketing Magazine,…

Leung Kwok Shing Becomes Discuss VIP Guest

Leung Kwok Shing, Ten Outstanding Young Persons of 2015 and…

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E-Commerce Clerk

Duties include but not limited to: Responsible for data…

E-Commerce Executive

Duties include but not limited to: Provide administration…


A leading local price comparison portal site

Price aims to enhance and improve users’ shopping experience by providing latest price reviews and comprehensive information of various products and services.

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An online discussion platform for Hong Kong people

Established since 2003, Discuss is one of the most well-known discussion forums in Hong Kong. It is the epitome of the entire Hong Kong society.

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An online gathering spot for youngsters

Born in 2003, Uwants is a famous online gathering spot for youngsters. Users can share their life and discuss on leisure stuff.

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An ingenious social app for finding like-minded friends

Launched in 2014, Circle is an innovative mobile app which introduces a brand new method for making friends. It gathers people with similar interests and ideas together.

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