《Discuss.com.hk》,《Uwants.com》cooperate with Agence France-Presse (AFP) to broadcast real-time World Cup news synchronously

To echo with the World Cup event which is organized only once in 4 years, Discuss.com.hk, Uwants.com cooperate with Agence France-Presse (AFP) to broadcast real-time World Cup news synchronously.

Discuss.com.hk & Uwants.com have been endeavor in serving our members in all aspects by providing various useful information through our websites. Having the same mission, Discuss.com.hk & Uwants.com especially cooperate with AFP for the 2010 World Cup in order to synchronously broadcast the real-time and detailed news of the matches, creating a more convenient platform for our members to share information of this worldwide event.

A World Cup page was set up in both Discuss.com.hk & Uwants.com for our members to get latest and accurate matches updates. Inside the World Cup page, members can find match schedules, latest match and match results, which are realtime information. Moreover, there are 8 sessions in the World Cup forum including knockout matches discussions, which attracted more than 29,470 posts and replies by members. Information will be classified by different groups so that members could be gathered to the group with the team(s) they support. It is proven to be a convenient platform for our members to share this great occasion with the public.

Contents of World Cup Page includes

  • Team supporting indexShowing the popularity of each team.
  • Match schedulesDetailed date and time for all matches.
  • Latest match score/resultsReal-time match scores. Most updated results will be broadcasted for our members.
  • Group match score sheetsList of results for every single match and results could be sorted and viewed team by team. Information about how many goals the team got and how many goals had been let in.
  • Individual team informationList out details of every player in each team including his place, minutes of play & how many goal he had scored, etc.
  • StatisticsList out the Champions of past World Cups, Leading Goal Scorer and how many red cards / yellow cards a team got, etc.
  • Hot topicsList out the latest hot topic of World Cup for realtime discussion among our members.
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