Ken Hung and Toyz appear on Uwants TV game show

EEG singer Ken Hung appears on Uwants TV Facebook Live Game Show “Old Game Challenge” with his business partner at G-Rex Gaming Toyz. They not only shared their favorite games and interacted with fans, but also played a classic game (Bomberman) with the show mc, Cheong Cheong.

超強特別版 ┌ 舊 Game 鬥一番 ┘今晚請黎英皇電競戰隊總監 劉偉健 (Wai Kin Kurtis Lau) , 同埋 G-Rex 戰隊合伙人 洪卓立 Ken Hung , 究竟佢地嘅出現係所為何事呢 ? 一齊入黎睇下支持我地啦 !【 Old School – Like Uwants 】任天堂版區:

Posted by Uwants on 2017年11月21日