game 2nd round ends in satisfaction, winner gets Saipan travel package

As the April promotional game campaign received overwhelming response, and Goldjoy Holidays decided to hold a 2nd round of this game in June.

The game was launched on 1st June 2011 and the enrollment procedure is similar to the previous one.

Participants only need to follow some simple steps: Become fans of the Facebook Fan page and share with us a photo and/ or a short story. Goldjoy offered a Saipan travel package (valuing HK$10,000) as the prize of this game.

The game ended on 26th June, 2011. The winner, Mr. Cheng Chun Nam, Cyril has won the HK$10,000 Saipan Travel package, and he will enjoy his Saipan trip with his wife later this year. You can now visit the game page to check the winning piece and the winner’s statements.