Discuss introduces a new Micro-blogging features “Discuss Weibo” (t.discuss.com.hk)

Discuss.com.hk launched a latest Micro-blogging feature “Discuss Weibo” t.discuss.com.hk. “Discuss Weibo” is a feature launched together by “Discuss” and “Tencent Weibo”. This new functionality provides members an innovative social networking experience which greatly increases the interaction between forum and micro-blogging.

The interface of “Discuss Weibo” is simple and clear, accompanied by its originated “One click to sign up Weibo account” function. The function allows members to activate their “Discuss Weibo” in a convenient way.

Once member has linked up the two accounts, whenever they posted a new topic or reply on forum or in Weibo, the messages will be automatically synchronized to both “Discuss Weibo” and “Tencent Weibo”. Moreover, the member’s Weibo ID will be shown on the forum profile, which allows other members to Follow (subscribe).